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Day 7, 8, 9 of #6HrsRiyazChallenge

An Honest Confession !

Being true to one's own self and to be sincere while pursuing the art is the most important determining factor of where you will go as an artiste, I believe.

Instead of writing this honest piece in my journal, I am writing it down as a blog because at the start of this riyaz challenge I told you, I will share it with you!

I travelled to Pune on Day 7 and Day 8 from Mumbai where I stay.

We have 2 to 2 n a half hours of most intensive and lively learning sessions with our Guruji Sanjeev Abhyankar.

The sessions include exploration of a new raga, learning compositions, voice tone, taan patterns and how to make the performance effective.

Sanjeevdada ( as we the students address him) stresses on "thought" before music. Think and music follows. Classical music is an exercise of concentration as it involves spontaneity of though and presentation simultaneously which requires the mind to be extremely alert and sharp on stage - otherwise the rendition tends to be boring and noneffective.

A lot of times because of its spontaneous nature, the rendition of same raga will never be the same and that is also a challenge for the artiste, as the artiste tends to compare the renditions of the same raga by himself / herself - says Sanjeevdada.

Each time after the class, i come back to Mumbai with a renewed enthusiasm and beautiful new perspectives of Indian classical music that wants me to practice more.

However the travel leaves me a little tired and today I lapsed in my evening practice

When I had decided to practice for #6hrschallenge i had told to myself that travel or no travel i will practice for 6hrs everyday, but I must consider that my body may not always comply to what I decide as it needs its rest.

I spoke with my friends instead as I was missing them a lot :)

Todays morning riyaz session was great though!

No sunday holiday tomorrow as far as riyaz is concerned and I will put my schedule in the morning.

Thank You for your interest in my musical journey,

The concert details will be out this week! Cant wait :)

Practice Practice Practice !!!

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