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Hindustani Classical Music is one of the most scientific traditions of music in the world; it is a perfect combination of aesthetics and logic. To explore the beauty of this music can be an opening for a new way of life for many! It's wisdom and depth can be adapted into our daily lives with an incredible positive impact. From children to elders, from artistes to professionals it has the potential to beautify any one's life who chooses to know the infinite treasure of Hindustani Classical Music apart from increasing our efficiency in whichever area one works in!

Nirali has conducted workshops and lectures in many countries of the world and for a wide variety of people. Nirali has been invited to share her experiences and contribution as a musician for TEDx BHU, Banaras, TEDx Ahmedabad and WPP Stream Unconference, Jaipur.

She has also held workshops in cultural and spiritual organizations in Vienna, London, Brussels and MICA, Ahmedabad.


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