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Day 1 #6hrsRiyazChallenge

Day 1 completes successfully!

I started my first ession a little late today as I was trying to figure out the format and how to go about it.

But I completed 6 hrs about which am glad!

Tomorrow i plan to start the first session early!

I tried learning the bada khayal and chhota khayal of Raag Bhoop and I also practised taans, my favorite part of the riyaz !

I wish to do the #6hrsriyazchallenge for the next 14 days with an exception of three days in which i would either be performing in a concert or doing a video!

The rules are to switch off the net while practising and being in a place which doesn't have any disturbance! No talking in between the riyaz too and to limit speaking to let the voice relax :)

Also starting the riyaz only after warming up the voice!

Listening too and not singing al the time helps relax the voice.

This is not a cold water bucket challenge and still you are interested in reading about this; which means you are really passionate about what you do, or about music, is what i can say!

Thank You for reading !

Tomorrow is Day 2 of #6hrsriyazchallenge. Lookin' forward to get to know Bhoop better

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